Coffee Fudge Eco Pot (Gluten Free)


Mamas Coffee Fudge: Need a little pick-me-up? Our creamy, bittersweet Coffee Fudge is ensured to hit the spot. This delicious blend of complex flavours is perfect for any coffee lover.


If you’re a coffee lover with a sweet tooth, Mamas Fudge Coffee flavour is about to become your new addiction. Made with premium coffee extract and rich, creamy fudge, this treat is the perfect way to satisfy your cravings.

Our fudge is made with the highest quality ingredients, including real coffee extract that gives it a bold, rich flavour. Plus, it’s gluten-free and made without any artificial flavours or preservatives, so you can feel good about indulging.

The best part? Mamas Fudge Coffee flavour pairs perfectly with your morning cup of Joe. Enjoy it as a mid-day pick-me-up or as an after-dinner treat – no matter when you indulge, our coffee flavour fudge is sure to satisfy.

But be warned – once you try Mamas Fudge Coffee flavour, you’ll be hooked. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and savory, with a kick of caffeine that will keep you coming back for more. And with our Eco-friendly packaging, you can indulge without hurting the planet.

So why settle for boring food, when you can enjoy the bold, rich flavour of Mamas Fudge Coffee flavour? It’s the perfect treat for any coffee lover with a sweet tooth – and trust us, you won’t be able to get enough.

Our Eco Pots are the share sized treat from Mama’s Fudge range, making the perfect little purchase for fudge lovers to share together or to give as a little gift. To balance out the fudge naughtiness for you we have carefully chosen biodegradable packaging.


Additional information

Weight 200 g